How to find the best stocks to invest on?

With Moning’s search filters, you can quickly and easily find quality stocks to add to your portfolios. Of course you can search for any particular stock by company name, ticker symbol, or by its ISIN code. But with Moning’s powerful search filters, you can make even better informed decisions about your investments in mere seconds.

You can filter out results based on dividend history, for instance, and only look at stocks that have paid dividends without fail for 5, 10, even up to 30 years, so you can add them to your portfolio with confidence that these will be low risk investments.

You can take a closer look and filter by dividend yield, which in many cases – though not all – can be a very important factor in determining investment value. What is the annual value of a company’s dividends compared to that company’s current stock price? Generally speaking, a rise in stock price will lead to a lower yield, but this is a great tool to get a snapshot of how much return on their investment one might expect.

The payout ratio filter gives you insight into the company’s total dividends divided by their net income, or roughly how much of their earnings end up going back to their stockholders. While a high ratio can seem like an attractive investment, of course if it’s unsustainably high, that might be a sign the company is in trouble. And by contrast, of course a low ratio can simply indicate that the company is investing in growth or expansion, for instance.

It’s important to bear in mind that all of these tools are designed not to provide a quick, magical answer for a sure-fire investment that will make you millions overnight, but rather these are all signals to help give you richer insight into a stock’s general health and growth trends.

The PE or price/earnings ratio filter shows you the company’s share price or general market value compared to their earnings per share. With this filter, you can compare companies to the market average to get a sense of a stock being overvalued with an excessive ratio, or perhaps undervalued with a low ratio.

And of course, you can also filter by particular industry, or where the company is headquartered.

So as you can see, these powerful, user-friendly search filters allow you to quickly and confidently identify potentially healthy stock investment opportunities, riskier or less attractive opportunities, and everything in between. All within a few short seconds.

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