Track all your investments.

Increase your performance.

Moning offers you all the tools you need to have a global view of your wealth, make better investment decisions, avoid costly mistakes and increase your performance.

All in just a few clicks and without any special knowledge.

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Decide with Confidence

Whether your strategy is dividend or growth oriented, our exclusive Dividend and Growth Safety Scores tell you whether a stock is attractive or not.

Maximize and secure your passive income through dividends. Benefit from greater potential capital gains and increase your capital over the long term.

Track and manage your wealth at a glance

We provide you a pleasant and yet complete dashboard where you will not miss any information: performance, return on cost, total dividends, sector distribution and dozens of other data.

The perfect mix of Human & Artificial Intelligence

Moning is one of the first platforms offering you the power of Artificial Intelligence to improve your own investments.

Use our exclusive AI Analysis feature to get a comment of your portfolios.

Click on any indicator or chart in our stocks sheets to learn and improve your knowledge of the stock market & get better insights with our AI Trainer.

Anticipate your dividends

Moning has all the tools to help you secure and anticipate a regular passive income through dividends.

Get clear visibility on your dividends with your Dividends calendar. It tells you for each month to come which companies will pay you and how much. All this data is also consolidated in a chart over one full year.

Find the best stocks, ETFs, and cryptos

Don't miss out on investment opportunities with our quick screeners and detailed information sheets. No company will hold any secrets for you.

Access the stocks search engine

The community is there for you

Join thousands of investors like you on the Moning forum to ask all your questions and discuss exciting topics.

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